March 2024 Newsletter Snapshot

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ACP is dedicated to facilitating research to better diagnose, treat and improve the well-being of those with MS.  Exploring MS biomarkers holds great potential for transforming the landscape of MS management, enabling better diagnostics, earlier interventions, and improved symptom control.  This research may also reveal more about disease progression, potentially paving the way to targeted therapies and personalized treatments.  Our three-part series on biomarkers begins this month with an article on MS-related molecular biomarkersRead more…

Biological markers, or biomarkers, give doctors detailed information about what’s happening inside the body.

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Some biomarkers, like blood pressure, are relatively easy to observe.  Others require more complex testing to detect.  Molecular biomarkers have physical and chemical properties that make it possible to measure them in biological samples, such as blood or cerebrospinal fluid (CSF).

ACP’s wide variety of resources fuels MS researchers worldwide to make more breakthroughs at a faster pace. 

ACP has launched a new website!  This isn’t just a new look; it’s a whole new way to help, inform, and connect people affected by MS.  It’s easy to use and packed with information. Whether you’re a person living with MS, a scientist, or a healthcare provider, this site has everything you need to get involved and make a difference in the fight against MS.  We invite you to explore, learn, and join us in our mission to accelerate a cure for MS!  Read more…

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