Frustrated by the slow pace of MS research? Accelerate it!

Upcoming birthday, wedding, or other special event? Want to share your passion for ACP’s collaborative approach to accelerating people-powered MS research with friends and family and raise funds for research in the process?

Kick off a fundraiser for MS research through ACP. 

Let us take your fundraising idea from concept to reality!

From letter writing campaigns to canine happy hours, we’re amazed at the creative ways supporters raise funds for and awareness of ACP’s work to accelerate MS research. Even the simplest fundraiser can make a big impact.

Have an idea for a fundraiser or want to learn more?

3 Simple Steps to Raise Funds for MS Research

Tell us more!

Chat with us about your idea or hear about the ways that others have put their creativity to work!

Get up and running!

We’ll set you up with a donation page and whatever else you need.

Invite friends and family!

Share information about your fundraiser with family and friends near and far!

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