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Accelerate your research with blood-derived biological samples and data from the ACP Repository. The Repository collection, including people living with MS, other demyelinating diseases, and controls, enables insights into the causes and mechanisms of MS.

Accelerating research toward faster diagnoses, better treatments, and a cure.​

Through the Repository, you can gain access to 1,000s of biosamples, associated phenotypic data, and sample analysis data (including GWAS data), quickly and at minimal cost. With the barrier of sample and data acquisition removed, you can devote your efforts and resources toward the actual conduct of your research study and exploring your novel hypothesis.

The Repository is an open-access resource, meaning that samples and data are available to all researchers regardless of institution or location. Our primary condition for using the biospecimens is that new results from these research studies must be returned to the Repository Database for the future benefit of all researchers.

Repository Details

Repository samples and data were collected from more than 3,200 participants at 10 major MS centers located across the United States under a standardized protocol.

Participant diagnoses include MS (n=1,787), CIS (88), TM (175), NMO (383), ON (16), and ADEM (32), along with healthy controls (739).

Samples include aliquots of DNA, RNA (Paxgene tubes), serum, plasma, and cryopreserved PBMCs.

Samples were processed on site and at a central facility, and stored in liquid nitrogen and −80°C mechanical freezers.

Accompanying each sample are approximately 40 pages of subject-reported information including clinical, medical, and epidemiological data, and neurologist documentation of the results of diagnostic and monitoring tests.

Additionally, returned data from sample analyses conducted on some/all of the samples are available including GWAS analysis on all Repository samples.

In addition to the samples and data available from the baseline visit, ~460 participants provided samples and data at a second visit for longitudinal study.

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Requesting Samples and Data

If your research could benefit from blood samples (serum, plasma, DNA, RNA, or PBMCs) and data (patient, clinician reported and/or biosample analysis) from the ACP repository, we are here to help! Getting access to the Repository is simple:

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