As the only people-powered network for MS, iConquerMS brings together people affected by MS with researchers, healthcare providers, and funders to drive, shape, and accelerate research. iConquerMS members share their insights, experiences, and health information to prioritize research questions that matter most to them and to work in collaboration with researchers to get answers to those questions.

ACP Repository

Researchers seeking to better understand the causes and mechanisms of MS, and to conduct studies leading to faster diagnoses, better treatments, and a cure for the disease will benefit from accessing the high quality blood samples and data in the ACP Repository. Collected from over 3,200 participants diagnosed with MS, related demyelinating diseases, and healthy controls, the samples and data are available to any scientist worldwide.

Inclusive Research Engagement

Research evidence that can benefit all affected by MS can only be achieved when the research itself reflects the diversity of people living with MS. ACP has the expertise and resources to assist you in addressing minority underrepresentation in your research.

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