iConquerMS™ Puts You in the Driver’s Seat

iConquerMS, ACP’s people-powered research network, enables all affected by MS to drive, shape, and accelerate research.

As a member of iConquerMS, you’ll have a say in all phases of research, from creating the research questions to be asked and answered, to how studies are designed, how success is measured, and how research results are communicated.

iConquerMS members choose the level of involvement that is right for them. Some members focus on accelerating research by submitting their health information via surveys, while others like a more hands on role through participating in focus groups, standing councils, and even the governance of the initiative. We welcome all with an interest in accelerating research!

Our iConquerMS community is expanding to fit the needs of specialized populations! 

If you are a youth diagnosed with pediatric MS, you’ll feel right at home in iConquerMS Kids & Teens! 

Are you an MS caregiver? Join the iConquerMS Caregivers community!