Bringing Everyone Together – Explore ACP’s New Website!

ACP has launched a new website!  This isn’t just a new look; it’s a whole new way to help, inform, and connect people affected by MS.  It’s easy to use and packed with information. Whether you’re a person living with MS, a scientist, or a healthcare provider, this site has everything you need to get involved and make a difference in the fight against MS.  It’s all about bringing people together to move closer to understanding, treating, and eventually curing MS.

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Returning to our roots.  Dive into our mission and history, a journey inspired by the need for deeper understanding and faster progress in MS research and treatment.  Meet the driving force behind our progress – our dedicated staff who bring their expertise, dedication and hope to the MS community every day.  Discover what other MS organizations have to offer on our partners pageConnect with us anytime, we look forward to hearing from you!

A centralized resource.  Our mission at ACP for MS is clear: to accelerate efforts toward finding a cure for MS while enhancing the quality of life for those affected by the disease. We understand the challenges that individuals with MS, caregivers and researchers face. Thus, we’ve designed this website as a comprehensive platform where groundbreaking research meets valuable resources, a supportive community, and opportunities for active involvement. 

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For People with MS

  • What is MS? ACP’s new website offers useful insight into MS, including how the disease is diagnosed and treated.
  • Information center. Discover valuable resources to help with some of the most common challenges that people with MS face.
  • Community connection. Join iConquerMS, a network of individuals who truly understand the MS experience and are making a difference. 
  • Push the boundaries of research! Network members help to advance MS research in many ways, like answering surveys, joining focus groups, or being part of our governance team.  You decide how involved you want to be!
  • Ensure research focuses on what matters to you.  By joining iConquerMS, you can suggest study topics, help design studies, decide how to measure success, and share findings. Your involvement moves us closer to a cure!
  • Diagnosed with pediatric MS?  iConquerMS Kids & Teens is the community for you!
  • What if I belong to a minority group? The Minority Health Hub contains a wealth of information about MS in minority communities.
  • Research at Your Fingertips. ACP’s new website makes it easy to find the latest on MS research:
    • Read about groundbreaking research and currently enrolling studies in the ACP newsletter
    • Peruse studies conducted through iConquerMS
    • Review studies that have used samples and data from the ACP Repository
    • Watch the “Chat with Chat” series on the iConquerMS YouTube channel
    • Tune in to Jon Strum’s weekly podcast, RealTalk MS
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For Caregivers

  • You are not alone. MS caregiving can be a challenge.  If you have questions, want to give advice, or just talk to people who understand, the iConquerMS Caregiver community can help.
  • Boost research. As a member of iConquerMS Caregivers, you can support MS research for your loved one and advance studies aimed at improving your needs, health, and well-being.
  • Find useful tools. If you’re caring for someone with MS and looking for help, we’ve got you covered. Our Care Partner Protocol gives you all the best advice and information in one easy spot.
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Supporting ACP will accelerate the work of researchers around the world as they seek to improve diagnosis, treatment and find a cure for MS.  There are many ways to contribute, and we’re thankful for every one!  Every donation helps us to keep the momentum going.  Launch a fundraiser for MS research through ACP; even a small one can make a big impact.  Volunteering your time and talents speeds MS research, too! 

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For Researchers

  • Tell us about your research. An ACP team member will discuss your research goals with you and show you next steps.
  • Develop a plan. A reliable group of experts, with both professional and personal experience, checks and approves every proposal.
  • Fuel your research. An ACP team member will work directly with you to ensure you can easily access the resources you need.
    • The ACP Repository. A collection of blood samples from people with MS, similar diseases, and healthy controls.  It includes information from both patients and doctors, plus any tests other researchers have done on them.
    • iConquerMS. A research network of more than 8,500 people affected by MS who contribute health data, biosamples, knowledge and ideas to enable and accelerate MS research.
    • Inclusive Research Engagement. Help and assistance from a diverse community to ensure that studies are diverse, fair and welcoming to all.
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For Healthcare Providers

  • Power MS Research. Healthcare providers are instrumental in connecting people affected by MS to research information and opportunities.  We welcome you, your patients, and their caregivers, to join us as research partners. 
  • Stay informed. ACP’s newsletter, easily found on the new website, contains important topics for people with MS, recent research findings and opportunities to participate in studies.
  • Find a sense of belonging. By engaging with ACP, your patients and caregivers can join a community that knows what it’s like to live with MS.  They can share stories, learn from others, and get the support they need.
  • Get help. ACP’s Research Inclusion Diversity and Equity (RIDE) Council members have created resources to tackle common MS challenges.  Please download and share them with your patients!

ACP’s new website launch is a big step forward in our mission.  This site brings everything together in one place, making it easier to speed up MS research and giving everyone affected by the disease the help, information, and support they need.  It’s a place where people can find hope, help, and ways to fight back against MS together.  We invite you to explore, learn, and join us in our mission to accelerate a cure for MS!