March 2024 iConquerMS Spotlight

How effective are COVID-19 vaccines in people with MS?

The iConquerMS community has contributed to many research studies on a wide variety of topics, including COVID-19 vaccines and how they work in people affected by MS. 

covid-19 vaccines and ms

The COVER-MS study shows the frequency of vaccination reactions in people with MS is similar to that reported in the COVID-19 vaccine clinical trials.

Want to learn more about what we’ve learned from COVER-MS so far?

Through a partnership with Quest Diagnostics and the National MS Society, a COVER-MS sub-study is looking at the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines at preventing the virus in people with MS.  As part of this effort, 300 COVER-MS participants are donating blood every 6 months over a 2-year period.  These samples are being analyzed to determine how MS drugs and other factors affect the immune response (antibody levels) to COVID-19.  Stay tuned for these results!

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