March 2024 Donor’s Corner

How do your donations accelerate research for a cure and improve the lives of people affected by MS?

Your generosity supports ACP’s initiatives to accelerate MS research for quicker diagnosis, more effective treatments, and a cure for all living with the disease.

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Exploring MS biomarkers could play a role in finding a cure for the disease.  The ACP Repository is a growing, vital resource for these studies. This month, we’re highlighting how your generosity enables ACP to provide and, potentially, grow this valuable resource for researchers working to understand the disease and search for solutions.

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Apolipoprotein A1 (Apo A-I) is a major part of good cholesterol (HDL) and fights inflammation.  Its exact role in MS hasn’t been fully studied yet.

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Researchers at the University of Tennessee analyzed 208 blood samples from people with MS and healthy controls, obtained from the ACP Repository and their local clinic/community.  They found that people with MS have lower levels of Apo A-I in their blood compared to healthy people, and those with primary progressive MS have lower levels than individuals with other forms of MS.  They replicated these findings in a mouse model of MS.  These results suggest that Apo A-I could be involved in the MS disease process, and be a potential new biomarker for the disease.

The ACP Repository is an open-access resource of blood samples and data for the study of MS and other demyelinating diseases.  Investigators using ACP samples and data must return their research results to the Repository database for the future benefit of all researchers. 

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The ACP Repository has evolved into a significant and diverse source of MS data worldwide.  A prospective collection of samples and data from iConquerMS participants would enrich this powerful resource further.  Its potential to unlock the underpinnings of MS, new diagnostics, treatments and cures is unparalleled!

Join our team and consider making a donation today!  Your gift provides researchers access to the valuable samples and data in the ACP Repository and paves the way for the collection of vital new resources through iConquerMS.  Together, we can advance MS research more rapidly toward better treatments and eventually cures!

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