January 2024 Research Spotlight

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Beating MS Fatigue!

This spring, iConquerMS will be launching a new study of an online therapy to treat MS fatigue.  This study, called CAFE-MS (Confirmatory Trial for Alleviating Fatigue with ELEVIDA in MS), will evaluate how well a cognitive behavioral therapy program accessed over the Internet works to treat MS fatigue.
Your input will help us plan this study so that it meets the needs of the MS community.  Please take a few minutes to read a short summary of the trial and then answer the 4-5 questions that follow.  You can also find more information about CAFE-MS in our October newsletter.
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A new topic for the Our Questions Have Power program!

When it comes to MS symptoms and how to manage them, what questions are most important to you? What symptom-related topics do you wish researchers were studying? Your questions are valuable and we invite you to share them through the Our Questions Have Power program on the iConquerMS website. 

The Our Questions Have Power program was launched in March 2021 with an initial focus on COVID-19. Questions submitted by iConquerMS members have helped shape the COVER-MS vaccination study and are being shared with the research community to guide other efforts. 

We’re now extending Our Questions Have Power to include a second topic: MS symptoms and their management and treatment. As before, you’re invited to share questions on this topic that you think should be studied and to vote on questions submitted by other iConquerMS members.  We’ll share these questions with people affected by MS, researchers, healthcare professionals, advocates, and funders – and, together, we’ll work to launch research studies to answer those questions.

It’s easy to share your ideas and input in Our Questions Have Power!