January one-pager

Our January one-pager – the entire newsletter in a quick, easy to read format!

In November, the iConquerMS governance and other stakeholders in the MS community gathered virtually at the 2023 Leadership Summit to discuss the future direction of the initiative.  The key focus of this year’s meeting was building the pathway and identifying the stepping stones needed to achieve our vision.  Some exciting areas of focus emerged from these discussions:

2023 summit overview

Graphic by Haley McDevitt

The Next Steps Committee is focused on carrying these activities forward.  We look forward to an exciting and productive 2024!

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The iConquerMS community will soon have the opportunity to help evaluate the effectiveness of a new, non-drug treatment for MS fatigue, called ELEVIDA.  The CAFE-MS clinical trial is set to begin in spring 2024.  ACP has recently added two new team members to spearhead this initiative.  This month, we are delighted to introduce Jennifer Hill, who will serve as the Project Manager for the study.  Read more…

jenn wearing a bike helmet