January 2024 iConquerMS Spotlight

Are You an MS Caregiver? We Have a Community for You!

As a member of the iConquerMS community, you can change the way MS research is done.  You can ask the research questions that you want answered, share your insights with researchers to make sure studies are designed with people affected by MS in mind, respond to surveys to enable researchers to advance their understanding of MS, and contribute to discussions about how research evidence is shared and used in care.

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What if a similar community existed for MS Caregivers? 

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Accelerated Cure Project and iConquerMS are delighted to announce the launch of iConquerMS Caregivers, a community to enable those providing support and care to a person living with MS to partner with researchers and other caregivers to drive, shape, and accelerate research.  

iConquerMS Caregivers was developed by and for MS Caregivers to provide information, support, and community.

What you can do as a member of the iConquerMS Caregiver community?

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We welcome all MS caregivers to join the community at iConquerMS Caregivers. Please share this exciting news with all of the MS caregivers in your life! 

Are you an MS caregiver and already a member of iConquerMS? Please email us and we’ll work with you to enable your iConquerMS Caregivers account!