January 2024 Donor’s Corner

How do your donations accelerate research for a cure and improve the lives of people affected by MS?

Your generosity supports ACP’s initiatives to accelerate MS research for quicker diagnosis, more effective treatments, and a cure for all living with the disease.

In early November, ACP hosted the annual iConquerMS Leadership Summit and brought together more than 60 stakeholders, including people living with MS, caregivers, researchers, clinicians, funders, and others, for a 2-day virtual meeting to set the strategic direction for the iConquerMS initiative. 

fists in a circle

The theme of the 2023 Summit was building the iConquerMS pathway and identifying the stepping stones needed to achieve our vision. 

The iConquerMS Leadership Summit is a celebration of the work being done through the initiative in partnership with its stakeholders.  Participants strengthen relationships with each other and through these connections source new ideas and solutions. 


Click here for a more in-depth article on the 2023 iConquerMS Leadership Summit, including exciting possibilities for the coming year!

Your support enables iConquerMS to hold strategic events like the Leadership Summit.  Join our team and consider making a donation today!  Together, we are working to improve the health and quality of life for everyone in the MS community.