May 2024 iConquerMS Spotlight

Despite progress in understanding MS in historically marginalized populations, substantial gaps in our knowledge remain.  Filling these gaps is limited by a lack of diversity, or low enrollment of members from these populations, in MS clinical trials.

Including minorities in clinical trials is crucial to make sure that new medical findings, treatments and ways to prevent diseases work well for these groups.

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The iConquerMS Research, Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity Council (RIDE) Council is focused on broadening participation in research by highlighting the voices and experiences of people from traditionally underrepresented communities.  Their work brings us one step closer to ensuring that all individuals living with MS can receive the best information, outcomes, and care possible. 

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The RIDE Council provides key support to all stakeholders in MS research

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People with MS have a dedicated group making sure they are included in clinical trials.


Researchers have a resource to help them achieve diversity goals in their studies.

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Organizations have tools to include and support groups that have been left out in the past.

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The RIDE council plays a vital role in the iConquerMS initiative, striving to ensure that the entire MS community is included in research and support activities.  By prioritizing the voices and needs of groups that have traditionally been marginalized, the group not only enhances the relevance and impact of research but also helps achieve fair healthcare and fosters a supportive and inclusive environment for everyone with MS.

If you haven’t joined iConquerMS yet, please think about signing up today!  Together, we are working to improve the health and lives of everyone in the MS community!

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