May 2024 Donor’s Corner

How do your donations accelerate research for a cure and improve the lives of people affected by MS?

Your generosity supports ACP’s initiatives to accelerate MS research for quicker diagnosis, more effective treatments, and a cure for all living with the disease.

Studying the genetic biomarkers for MS could lead to better ways to diagnose, predict, and treat the disease.  The ACP Repository is a vital resource for these studies, and more. Your generous support of the ACP Repository provides researchers worldwide with access to the blood samples and data they need to understand the disease and search for solutions.

The ACP Repository is an open-access resource of blood samples and data for the study of MS and other demyelinating diseases.  Investigators using ACP samples and data must return their research results to the Repository database for further analysis and sharing with all researchers. 

lab work

Sharing samples and data globally has filled the ACP Repository database with valuable genetic information.  As multiple teams study the same samples, they generate insights that can lead to new research paths.  This overlap encourages “virtual collaborations,” where researchers build on each other’s work, a key aspect making the Repository a key tool for advancing MS research.

Researchers have used ACP Repository samples to identify special RNA molecules linked to MS.  Future collaborations could offer new insights into the disease, such as how the immune system responds, how MS develops, and how healing occurs.  The ACP Repository could play a key role in supporting these promising new areas of MS research.

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Join our team and consider making a donation today!  Your gift provides researchers access to the valuable samples and data in the ACP Repository and paves the way for the collection of vital new resources through iConquerMS.  Together, we can advance MS research more rapidly toward better treatments and eventually cures!