June Newsletter Snapshot

Navigating the challenges of MS often means finding creative ways to maintain physical and mental health, and exercise is becoming a key strategy in this effort.  With its ability to enhance mobility, boost mood, and improve overall quality of life, physical activity is gaining recognition as a cornerstone of effective MS management.  However, finding the best exercise approach for individuals with MS isn’t straightforward as it differs greatly from person to person.  Initiatives like iConquerMS are key in driving forward our understanding of the best practices in exercise for those living with MS.  Read more…

There are many different types of exercise, each of which holds unique benefits. 

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There is evidence that exercise can improve MS symptoms.  A 2016 review shows that exercise helps reduce relapse rates, shrink lesion sizes, slow disease progression, and improve neurological test outcomes in people with MS.  A 2020 review found that physical exercise significantly reduces fatigue.

The iConquerMS community contributes to impactful MS research. If you haven’t already, please consider joining today!

In the third installment of our series celebrating the 10th anniversary of iConquerMS, we turn our attention to the individuals and groups who have been instrumental in shaping and driving this innovative initiative forward.  iConquerMS has grown from a bold idea into a thriving community over the past decade.  Its success is rooted in the dedication and collaboration of ACP’s staff, the community of iConquerMS participants, the network’s governance structure, and a wide array of collaborators.  Each group plays a pivotal role in driving the initiative’s mission forward: to harness the power of people-driven research in conquering MS.  Read more…

10 years of icms