Together We Conquer

In the third installment of our series celebrating the 10th anniversary of iConquerMS, we turn our attention to the remarkable individuals and groups who have been instrumental in shaping and driving this innovative initiative forward.  iConquerMS has grown from a bold idea into a thriving community over the past decade.  Its success is rooted in the dedication and collaboration of ACP’s staff, the community of iConquerMS participants, the network’s governance structure, and a wide array of collaborators.  Each group plays a pivotal role in driving the initiative’s mission forward: to harness the power of people-driven research in conquering MS.

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Our Staff – The Backbone of iConquerMS

The ACP staff is a dynamic group of professionals whose expertise spans medical research, data analysis, community engagement, and beyond.  Our team works tirelessly behind the scenes, facilitating research studies, managing the platform’s operations, and ensuring that the voices of the MS community are heard and valued.  Our dedication to the cause is unwavering, driven by a shared commitment to making a tangible difference in the lives of those affected by MS.

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Governance – Leading with Wisdom and Integrity

iConquerMS was developed and is managed under the guidance of people living with MS, their caregivers, researchers, healthcare workers, sponsors and representatives from other MS organizations.  Their role in governing the initiative ensures it focuses on the real needs and priorities of those affected by MS.

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The Governing Board ensures that iConquerMS is on the right path, effective, and financially sound. This group ensures that all activities align with the initiative’s core mission of empowering everyone affected by MS to contribute to research.  The Governing Board also oversees the iConquerMS committees and councils:

The Engagement Committee designs and executes strategies to grow and diversify the iConquerMS community, and foster better collaboration with its members.

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The Research Committee reviews and approves the studies and related activities done through iConquerMS.

The Caregivers Steering Committee is governed by and for the support partners and caregivers of people with MS.  

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The Pediatric Steering Committee focuses on guiding research and activities related to young people with MS, ensuring their unique needs are addressed.

The Research Inclusion Diversity and Equity (RIDE) Council Steering Committee leads efforts to promote diversity, inclusion and equity in research, making sure all voices in the MS community are heard and valued.

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Participants – The Heart and Soul

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At the heart of iConquerMS are its participants, individuals living with MS who generously contribute their health data, experiences, and insights. This community, now thousands strong, represents a wide array of backgrounds, experiences, and stages of MS, making iConquerMS a rich resource for understanding the disease. Participants not only contribute data but also play a critical role in guiding research priorities and the design of studies, ensuring that studies focus on the issues that matter most to those living with MS.

Networking Together – Partners and Collaborators

The reach and impact of iConquerMS have been amplified through its collaboration with a wide range of partners.  Academic institutions, research organizations, and pharmaceutical companies contribute expertise and resources to support research studies. Non-profit organizations and MS advocacy groups participate in the governance of iConquerMS and help to spread the word about the initiative and recruit new participants. National and international collaborations, including partnerships with other patient-led research networks, expand the initiative’s ability to contribute to global MS research efforts.

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As iConquerMS marks its 10th anniversary, it is clear that the initiative’s strength lies in the diversity and commitment of its community. From the participants who share their lived experiences, to the researchers and collaborators who leverage this wealth of data for discovery, every individual involved plays a crucial role in the pursuit of a world free of MS.  The future of iConquerMS, fueled by this vibrant community, holds promise for groundbreaking discoveries and continued advocacy for those living with MS.  Here’s to another decade of empowerment, collaboration, and hope in the journey to conquer MS!

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