June 2024 iConquerMS Spotlight

The Chat with Chat webinar series is an ACP/iConquerMS program that brings the latest in MS research to you!  Hosted by our research collaborator Chat Ngorsuraches, these conversations provide a glimpse at the researchers working with iConquerMS, what they study, and how their work will benefit people with MS.

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Investigators at the University of Melbourne (Australia) analyzed data from the REAL MS Wellness & Diet survey to understand how health and well-being for people with MS are affected by various diet and wellness practices, including exercise.  The iConquerMS Research Projects page contains summaries of studies that have been conducted with and by iConquerMS.

What did we learn from this study?

  • Diet, wellness and physical activity were linked to quality of life.

  • Lifestyle habits have varying effects on the physical, mental, and social well-being of people with different forms of MS.

  • Physical activity positively influences quality of life in both relapsing remitting and progressive MS.

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It’s important to consult a doctor before starting an exercise program. They can assess your specific needs and may suggest working with a physical therapist.  A physical therapist can design an exercise plan tailored to your unique symptoms and goals, ensuring that your workouts are both safe and effective. 

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Chat with Chat Webinar Episode 9 features an interview with Dr. Nupur Nag from the University of Melbourne.  Details about this and other projects, including research results, can also be found on the iConquerMS  Research Projects page.

Ten episodes of Chat with Chat have aired to date.  In case you missed, or would like to revisit any of them, they can be found here.  A heartfelt thank you to Chat and his colleagues for making this educational resource possible. 

iConquerMS brings together people with MS, their care partners, researchers and others to understand MS and search for solutions.  If you haven’t already, please consider joining today!

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