June 2024 Donor’s Corner

How do your donations accelerate research for a cure and improve the lives of people affected by MS?

Your generosity supports ACP’s initiatives to accelerate MS research for quicker diagnosis, more effective treatments, and a cure for all living with the disease.

We don’t fund research. We fuel it.  When you give to ACP, you’re not just supporting one study. You are helping researchers around the world conduct groundbreaking studies that get us closer to a cure.

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MS affects kids, older people, and minority groups in different ways. Thanks to ACP’s work to promote inclusive research engagement, the evidence generated by research studies no longer leaves these groups behind.

Your donation to ACP helps us provide researchers with the data they need to study different populations and develop a cure that will help everyone with this disease. 

At ACP, we’re committed to accelerating the essential research needed to find a cure for MS – for you, for your loved ones, for all affected by MS. As a member of the ACP family, we know you are too.

Please consider making a donation today!  Together, we are working to make this important research possible.

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