February 2024 iConquerMS Spotlight

Read about the Care Partner Protocol in the International Journal of MS Care!

International Journal of MS Care

Our work with Jon Strum, Rosalind Kalb, and Deborah Miller to develop a Care Partner Protocol is highlighted in the November/December 2023 issue of the International Journal of MS Care!

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ACP’s Care Partner Advisory Board (CPAB) is an 8-member team representing a wide variety of care partner roles.  They are working to develop a Care Partner Protocol, which will be an online collection of resources to support MS caregivers at all stages of their journey. 

As part of the Care Partner Protocol, the CPAB is working to identify what caregivers need.  Currently, they’re highlighting existing resources to make people aware of them and gathering them in one place for easier access.  In the future, they hope to create new resources.

Want to help shape the Care Partner Protocol?  We’ve developed a short survey to gather the insights of MS caregivers for this important source of information.

ACP is in the process of designing a Care Partner Protocol website, where people can access the resource.  Two health care providers will pilot the experience of sharing the website with the caregivers they see in their practice, to assess and improve the Protocol.

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This online Care Partner Protocol is being developed to connect caregivers with vital information and support.  This will reduce stress, improve well-being, and address various needs throughout the disease journey, ultimately enhancing family function and outcomes for the care recipient.   

Healthcare providers will contribute to the Care Partner Protocol by providing information and identifying resource gaps.

MS caregivers play an indispensable role in their loved ones’ lives. They may also play a pivotal role in research.

Want to be a part of the movement to put patients and their caregivers at the center of research?  If you are a care partner to someone with MS and haven’t already done so, please consider joining the iConquerMS community with your loved one today!

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