February 2024 Donor’s Corner

How do your donations accelerate research for a cure and improve the lives of people affected by MS?

Your generosity supports ACP’s initiatives to accelerate MS research for quicker diagnosis, more effective treatments, and a cure for all living with the disease.

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If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with MS, you know that this process can be tortuous and determining the best treatment plan isn’t always easy.

This month, we’re highlighting how your generosity enables iConquerMS to bring together all people affected by MS to understand the disease and search for solutions.

iConquerMS is leading the charge in a new generation of MS research, where people living with the disease are at its center, contributing their data and ideas as a driving force for future studies.  We are seeking participants from all parts of the world, from all backgrounds and ethnic groups, and of all ages and types of MS.  With this diversity, researchers can dive deep into the workings of the disease and answer questions like:

  • What causes MS?
  • What affects the progression of MS?
  • What treatments work best in which people?
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The iConquerMS community has contributed to many research studies on a wide variety of topics, including complementary and alternative medicine, diet and wellness practices, COVID-19 and related vaccines (to name a few). 

Join our team and consider making a donation today!  Together, we can advance MS research more rapidly toward better treatments and eventually cures!