EMD Serono Podcast Series | Uncovering sex in MS: A dialogue about sex, parenthood, and hormones

In collaboration with the Accelerated Cure Project and based on feedback from their iConquer MS community, this podcast series hosted by Jon Strum offers practical perspectives from clinicians on their experiences with female and male preconception counseling, postpartum planning, sexual dysfunction, and the potential impact of aging-associated hormonal changes on MS disease course.

Relevant for both healthcare providers and patients with MS, this series features people living with MS and clinicians across a variety of disciplines, including neurology, obstetrics and gynecology, reproductive endocrinology, and mental health. Altogether, their insights offer strategies for facilitating communication between the patient and healthcare provider, as well as among clinicians, with an ultimate goal of optimal MS management. 

PODCAST EPISODE 3 | Third-trimester postpartum planning for women with MS

PODCAST EPISODE 4 | Impact of sexual dysfunction in the lives of patients with MS

PODCAST EPISODE 5 | Effects of menopause and andropause on MS disease course

Join host Jon Strum on his weekly podcast as he breaks down the latest multiple sclerosis news.

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