The Multiple Sclerosis Discovery Forum (MSDF) is a free online, interactive resource that aims to accelerate progress toward a cure for multiple sclerosis and related disorders by sparking new ideas and catalyzing unforeseen connections among researchers.

Many features of the site are available to all visitors, but only members can participate in discussions and fully engage in other ways. By becoming a member, you benefit yourself, support the MS research community, and help ensure MSDF’s long-term success.

Site Benefits

MSDF visitors can access:

  • High-quality news coverage of key findings in the field
  • Consolidated information about potential drug targets and drug development
  • Details about the availability and utility of MS-related tissue repositories
  • Links to funding sources and job opportunities
  • Information about genes that have been implicated in MS
  • Relevant scientific literature
  • Tools and resources that enhance the efficiency of research, inspire fresh approaches, and cultivate professional development of researchers in the field

Researchers can use MSDF to:

  • Stay abreast of new findings and learn what experts think about particular studies
  • Orient themselves about unfamiliar parts of the field
  • Save time by utilizing the various resources offered
  • Collaborate in a neutral venue that does not push the agenda of any particular researcher or institution
  • Communicate regarding one another’s work
  • Discuss potential clinical implications of basic-research findings

Who Should Join

MSDF is designed for researchers who study MS and other demyelinating disorders of the central nervous system, including transverse myelitis, neuromyelitis optica, and acute disseminated encephalomyelitis. The site aims to provide an information portal and interactive virtual community where researchers can stay abreast of recent findings and collaborate on innovative ideas that will speed progress toward a cure for MS.

Benefits of Joining

Joining MSDF enables researchers to:

  • Post comments and participate in discussions
  • View full member profiles
  • Post bulletin-board messages
  • Demonstrate interest and participation in the site, which enriches its quality and facilitates its long-term success