April 2024 Newsletter Snapshot

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Our three-part series on biomarkers continues this month with an article on MS-related radiographic biomarkers.  The discovery and validation of new imaging targets and techniques has the potential to revolutionize the diagnosis and management of MS.  ACP’s main goal is to support research into topics like this, which hold the promise of personalized treatment plans and improved outcomes for people with MS, marking significant progress in the battle against this challenging disease.                 Read more…

Biological markers, or biomarkers, give doctors detailed information about what’s happening inside the body.

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Radiographic biomarkers are obtained from imaging studies.  By visualizing lesions, areas of inflammation, and neurodegeneration, they not only facilitate an accurate and timely diagnosis but also enable the monitoring of disease progression and the effectiveness of treatments.

ACP’s wide variety of resources is fueling MS research worldwide to make more breakthroughs at a faster pace. 

In celebration of iConquerMS’s 10th anniversary, we are excited to launch a series of articles that will dive into the heart of this pioneering initiative, starting with a look back at its rich history. Over the past decade, iConquerMS has emerged as a vital link between the MS community and groundbreaking research efforts, fostering an environment where patient voices are not just heard but are instrumental in shaping the future of MS research and treatment.         Read more…

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