What Is Medical Research?

Medical research aims to generate knowledge that improves the health and well-being of people. It takes many forms. It is used to learn about all aspects of health and illness, from whether a drug is safe and effective to whether an educational brochure is useful and easy to understand. Medical research has enabled a wide range of MS treatments to be made available, it has led to improvements in the diagnosis of MS, and it is helping create new breakthroughs for the future treatment of MS.


Medical research studies often need human volunteers to participate in study activities. As a person with MS, you may decide to volunteer for a study that will generate new knowledge about this disease. Research studies can take place at a clinic, at your doctor’s office, online or by phone, or in your own home. Some involve very simple activities, such as completing a survey. Other studies involve things like visiting a clinic, receiving a treatment, and having lab tests done. There are a variety of study opportunities available, depending on your preferences and interests. Learn more about the different types of research.