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As a scientist studying MS, you want to move your research forward but you may not have access to the high-quality biospecimens, data, and insights from people living with MS you need.

Let ACP connect you with vital resources to accelerate your research.

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ACP fuels researchers worldwide to make more breakthroughs at a faster pace! ACP offers a wide-variety of resources. We pair you with a dedicated ACP team member who will work with you to create a custom research plan that accelerates your efforts.

ACP’s collection of blood based biospecimens were clinically collected from 3,200 people diagnosed with MS, other demyelinating diseases, and controls. Each sample set (serum, plasma, DNA, RNA, and cells) is accompanied by patient and clinician contributed data, as well as sample analyses conducted by other researchers.

A research network composed of more than 8,500 people affected by MS who contribute health data, biosamples, knowledge and ideas to enable and accelerate MS research. Partner with our iConquerMS community (including our dedicated iConquerMS Kids & Teens, and iConquerMS Caregiver communities) to infuse your work with the patient and caregiver perspective.

The lack of representation in MS research, in a variety of dimensions, limits the success of the research endeavor and the applicability of the generated evidence. ACP has dedicated resources, including a committed community of members from underrepresented populations, to assist you in shaping diverse, equitable, and inclusive research.

Fuel Your Research with ACP​

Gain access to a repository of high-quality data, a rich collection of biospecimens, and a diverse network of people living with MS.

Tell us about your research​

An ACP team member will meet with you to understand your research goals and guide you to the next step.

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Every proposal is reviewed and approved by a trusted panel of experts, both professional and lived experience.

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An ACP team member will work directly with you to ensure you can easily access the resources you need for your research.

Collaboration is the Future of MS Research​

I encourage everyone in the MS world to learn more about this exciting opportunity, which has such great potential to improve MS learnings and lives in the days ahead.

Douglas A. Franklin

Former President & CEO, Multiple Sclerosis Association of America

In my 15+ years leading investigations into environmental and genetic risk factors for MS, I have been fortunate to work with data and samples from a number of sources. iConquerMS™ represents another significant addition to the research landscape and I enthusiastically welcome its creation.

Alberto Ascherio, M.D., DrPH

Professor of Epidemiology and Nutrition, Harvard School of Public HealthProfessor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School

ACP and iConquerMS have set the standard for patient-centered research and should be a role model for any researcher desiring to impact the lives of people with MS. I cannot imagine moving forward with my own research without engaging iConquerMS.

Deborah Backus, PhD

Director of Research, Shepherd Center iConquerMS Research Committee

MS Research is Incomplete Without Your Insights

ACP is dedicated to accelerating the cure for MS, as well as finding solutions for today for people living with MS. We work with all MS stakeholders, collaborating to move the future of MS research forward.

While ACP has global partnerships, our organization is small enough to remain nimble, innovative, collaborative – a major differentiator in this space. Researchers gain invaluable insight, while benefiting from great response time from ACP team members.

ACP values lived experience as much as professional experience, which is why we created a research community within iConquerMS™ to connect real people living with MS with the researchers studying this disease.

You are part of the solution to finding the cure. Join the ACP global research network today.

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