Research Opportunities

Taking part in MS research studies is one way to give back to your community. The information learned through research studies may lead to better understanding of how MS affects individuals like you. It may also lead to better health care for people in your community. See below to find studies that are currently recruiting volunteers and talk to your health care provider about whether any of these or another study is right for you.


  • iConquerMS

    iConquerMS is an online community of people with MS who share health information, connect with researchers, and participate in studies. Enrollment is open to anyone who wants to help shape and contribute to MS research.


  • National African Americans with MS Registry (NAAMSR)

    This registry aims to accurately estimate the number and geographic location of African American people with MS in the U.S., identify barriers to accessing care, and develop strategies to correct inequities of access.


    • The Multiple Sclerosis Genetics Project

      The University of California San Francisco is inviting African Americans to participate in a national study of the genes that affect the risk of MS. Participation involves providing information and medical records, and having blood drawn at a lab site near you.


    • Alliance for Research in Hispanic Multiple Sclerosis

      Collaborators in California and Florida are inviting Hispanic Americans to participate in a study about factors that affect MS risk and experience. Participation involves an office visit and donation of information and blood samples.


    • Study of Genetics and Culture in Hispanics/Latinos with MS

      Investigators in California, Florida, New Mexico, and Puerto Rico are inviting Hispanics/Latinos who have been diagnosed with MS within the last two years to participate in a study about the impact of genetics and culture on disease severity. Participants will have a clinic visit where they will fill out questionnaires, watch a short film about MS, and provide blood samples.


    Genentech, the manufacturer of Ocrevus, is studying how this FDA-approved treatment affects the evolution of relapsing multiple sclerosis in Black/African American and Hispanic/Latino patients. Participants will receive infusions of Ocrevus and be monitored for one year. Information in Spanish can be found at



      In addition to these studies, you can find many other research opportunities by visiting these sites:



      • Clinical Trials Search

        The Multiple Sclerosis Association of America, in partnership with a company called Antidote, hosts a clinical trial search tool on their website.



        You can search for MS research studies at This site contains information about clinical studies of human participants conducted around the world.



        This website offers information on clinical trials for both patients and researchers, and puts out a variety of newsletters, books, and databases. You can search it for open MS clinical trials.



        This is a member organization that matches people who are looking for research studies related to their condition and researchers looking for study participants. It was developed by major universities across the U.S. and is free to join.


      Additional Resources

      For more information about clinical trials, as well as resources in English and Spanish, please visit our resource page For People with MS.