ACP Repository

One of ACP’s goals is to remove the bottlenecks that slow research into better understanding the causes and mechanisms of MS and related disorders. One area of focus includes providing researchers with the high-quality and well-annotated biospecimens they need to conduct their research, and then encouraging them to share those relevant study findings with the rest of the MS research community.

This is accomplished through our ACP Repository—a large-scale collection of biological samples and data from people with multiple sclerosis, selected demyelinating diseases, and unaffected controls.

The Repository not only provides much-needed samples and data to researchers studying MS and related neurological diseases, but also aggregates the results from all of these studies so that they can be analyzed collectively—leading to new findings and breakthroughs.

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Review background information and details about the collection and distribution of data and samples.

Oversight Committee

Learn about the Repository Oversight Committee and its current members.

Collection Sites

View our current network of Repository collection sites and staff, and learn about establishing a new collection site.

Current Status

See the current enrollment status of the Repository, including a summary of disease type, treatment status, and time since diagnosis for participants.

Studies Enabled

Review details on the studies that have been enabled as a result of the Repository and sort by topic, disease, biological targets, location, primary investigator, status, and more.

Scientific Publications

Several peer-reviewed publications have resulted from research that has been made possible by the biospecimens available through the ACP Repository.

Biospecimens and Data

Review the different steps involved with accessing the Repository’s biospecimens and associated data.

For Researchers

Learn about the types of samples and data collected by the Repository, the costs of accessing this information and the requirements to share experimental data and results.

Neuromyelitis Optica Repository

Learn about ACP’s collaboration with The Guthy-Jackson Charitable Foundation and the University of Texas Southwestern to create a collection of Neuromyelitis Optica (NMO) samples and data to foster scientific collaboration for NMO Spectrum Disease.


Find answers to some common questions related to the ACP Repository.

Repository Documents

Review Repository documents that may be useful for researchers and collection sites.