What People Say

"Resources developed by ACP have made important contributions to accelerate research, particularly large scale collaborative MS projects such as the ones performed in my laboratory. Their innovative approach supports investigators' efforts to better understand this complex disease."

Philip DeJager, M.D., Ph.D.
Director for Basic and Translational Research
Neurosciences Institute, Brigham and Women’s Hospital
"As a single mother with MS, Accelerated Cure Project gives me hope for a healthy future for myself and for my children. As a volunteer, I like to bring MS education to my family, my friends, and the public and to promote Accelerated Cure Project, to make a cure feel within reach."

Tracey Cleversey with her children Reagan and Harry

"The data gathered for the ACP Repository will certainly be of benefit to MS researchers. Having blood samples to go along with clinical data could provide insights into genetics and immunology, and how these impact response to therapy and disease course."

Ben Thrower, M.D.
Medical Director
Multiple Sclerosis Institute at Shepherd Center
"When I was diagnosed with MS my doctor mentioned the work ACP was doing to accelerate research, so I became involved in their study and the organization. By volunteering, I really feel my time and support will have an impact in one day finding a cure."
Lindsey Miller, Patient and ACP Volunteer
Member of Young Professionals Accelerating the Cure (YPAC)
"The ACP Repository project represents the largest and most comprehensive ascertainment of historical, epidemiologic, genetic, and clinical data on multiple sclerosis to date…The highly coordinated team that has been assembled at ACP, is among the most professional, dedicated, and effective that I have had the privilege to work with during the course of my academic career."

Elliot Frohman, M.D., Ph.D.
Professor of Neurology
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
"It's not all about me just because I’ve been diagnosed with MS. It’s about the hundreds of thousands of others whose lives will be improved by the work of the Accelerated Cure Project. We're doing this together."

David Blohm with his wife Mary
"I am humbled by the dedication and character of the individuals who manage and support the mission of ACP. It is a privilege for me and my team to produce videos we hope communicate the dedication of ACP to solving the MS puzzle and the strength of those who are managing the challenges of the disease every day."

 Alan Weinberg
Patient, CEO aljan multimedia
“When I was diagnosed with MS, I knew I had to use every resource available to fight it. Accelerated Cure Project is at the forefront of our efforts to eradicate this disease.”

Mark Minassian with his wife Joanne and daughters Julia and Emily
“I’ve been dreaming of a cure since I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis over three years ago. The Accelerated Cure Project has given me hope that a cure is possible in my lifetime.”

Cindy Elia
“When I was diagnosed with this unpredictable disease, I was very scared, even though it was already in my family. When I learned about Accelerated Cure Project and the work they do to find the causes of MS, I felt so relieved to learn about their dedication and commitment toward curing MS. It’s like being part of a family, which is why my sister and I fundraise for Accelerated Cure Project in memory of our brother Edmund.”

Nancy Medeiros with her sister Judy
“I am glad I found a positive place for my energies to be used. I believe a cure will be found for MS with the help of the Accelerated Cure project’s efforts.”

Nancy Costello
“I am so grateful for the Accelerated Cure Project. These folks are doing work that I can’t do. My support of their mission gives me the hope I need to face the unknown. My goal is to continue to be active and available to my family, my friends and my community. I believe Accelerated Cure Project shares my goals.”

Sara Whitford with her husband David
“Living with MS is something our family has had to continually adjust to. The reason we support Accelerated Cure Project is so that one day, others will never have to.”

Jim O’Brien with his brother-in-law Todd Brown
“The singular mission and dedication to the job that each staff member brings makes volunteering for Accelerated Cure Project feel effortless. Working with the staff has been one of the most rewarding volunteer experiences I have had.”

Rosalind Joffe
“My hope grew when I found the Accelerated Cure Project six years ago, right after I was diagnosed. I continue to find hope in their work and am convinced that through it, I will live to see the end of this disease.”

Anna Peabody with her father George and mother Nancy