For People with MS

Information on MS, Minority Health, and Medical Research 


Multiple sclerosis (MS) was once thought to be uncommon in people belonging to minority groups. But now we know that MS affects people of all races and ethnic backgrounds. MS may also affect people from certain backgrounds differently.The more we know about the effects of MS in different people, the better scientists and doctors can keep all people with MS as healthy as possible. However, we know less about how MS affects members of minority groups such as African-Americans or Hispanics, because they have not always been represented in research studies.The MS Minority Research Engagement Partnership Network is working to help understand how MS affects people of different ethnic and racial backgrounds, so that everyone can receive the best possible care. We are doing this by learning and addressing the reasons why people might not participate in medical research. We are also working to help scientists and doctors better understand how they can include people from different backgrounds in research activities.Read on to learn more about MS in racial and ethnic minorities and how to make a difference by participating in MS research.