Newsletters - 2022-2014


December 2022

    Looking Back at 2022

    2022 Highlights from iConquerMS

    December 2022 Donor's Corner

    December 2022 Research Spotlight

    Celebrating 2022





November 2022

    When MS Begins Later in Life

    Building an Unstoppable Team

    Donor's Corner

    November 2022 Research Spotlight

    What is Late-Onset MS?





October 2022

    MS and Anxiety

    Diagnosing MS - Lumbar Puncture

    October 2022 iConquerMS Spotlight

    October 2022 Research Spotlight

    Managing Anxiety in MS





September 2022

    Lyme Disease -A Ticking Time Bomb

    MRI Basics

    September 2022 iConquerMS Spotlight

    September 2022 Research Spotlight

    MS and Lyme Disease - What's the Difference?





August 2022

    What is Trigeminal Neuralgia?

    What are the McDonald Criteria?

    August 2022 iConquerMS Spotlight

    August 2022 Research Spotlight

    Understanding Facial Pain in MS





July 2022

    Sativex - The Road to FDA Approval

    Welcome to the Team, Mark!

    July 2022 iConquerMS Spotlight

    July 2022 Research Spotlight

    Update Sativex





June 2022

    Does Intermittent Fasting Help MS

    Meet our Newest iConquerMS Ambassador

    June 2022 iConquerMS Spotlight

    June 2022 Research Spotlight

    To Eat or Not to Eat?






May 2022

    The Rising Cost of MS Care

    Beat the Heat with MS

    May 2022 iConquerMS Spotlight

    May 2022 Research Spotlight

    How Expensive is MS?





April 2022

    Power MS Research With Your Data!

    Dizziness, Vertigo and MS

    April 2022 iConquerMS Spotlight

    April 2022 Research Spotlight

    Keeping Our Ear to the Ground





March 2022

    Does Epstein Barr Virus Cause MS?

    Understanding Factors Affecting MS Onset

    March 2022 iConquerMS Spotlight

    March 2022 Research Spotlight

    Making an Impact on MS Research





February 2022

    The MSDA Catalogue

    Understanding and Living with Nystagmus

    February 2022 iConquerMS Spotlight

    February 2022 Research Spotlight

    Making MS Real World Data More Accesible





January 2022

    Does Eating Processed Foods Affect My MS?

    MS and Oral Health

    January 2022 iConquerMS Spotlight

    January 2022 Research Spotlight

    The Dental Amalgam Controversy





2022 - 2014 Past Newsletters

December 2021

    Aligning Vision With Impact

    Welcome to the Team, Kyle

    December 2021 iConquerMS Spotlight

    December 2021 Research Spotlight

    2021 Leadership Summit - Maximizing Our Impact





November 2021

    Collaboration - We're Better Together

    An Awarding-Winning Essay

    November 2021 iConquerMS Spotlight

    November 2021 Research Spotlight

    It's a Pleasure Working Together





October 2021

    Get in the Groove with MS

    An Unpleasant Embrace

    October 2021 iConquerMS Spotlight

    October 2021 Research Spotlight

    What is the MS Hug





September 2021

    MS in African Americans

    MS Research That Benefits Everyone

    September 2021 iConquerMS Spotlight

    September 2021 Research Spotlight

    Learning More About MS in People of Color





August 2021

    Unlocking the Mystery of Remyelination

    Understanding and Living With MS Fatigue

    August 2021 iConquerMS Spotlight

    August 2021 Research Spotlight

    Lifting the Brain Fog That May Accompany MS





July 2021

    MS, You and Number Two

    MS and COVID-19 Vaccines

    July 2021 iConquerMS Spotlight

    July 2021 Research Spotlight

    When the Going Gets Tough





June 2021

    When Nature's Call Goes Awry

    Fishing for a Cure

    June 2021 iConquerMS Spotlight

    June 2021 Research Spotlight

    Need a Gladder Bladder





May 2021

    Are You in the Driver's Seat?

    Managing Muscle Spasticity and Spasms

    May 2021 iConquerMS Spotlight

    May 2021 Research Spotlight

    Be a Driving Force in MS Research





April 2021

    Steroids for MS - Treatment Basics, Side Effects and More

    The Indispensable Role of MS Caregivers

    April 2021 iConquerMS Spotlight

    April 2021 Research Spotlight

    Calling All MS Caregivers





March 2021

    What's New in MS Research

    Emily and Oscar's Powerful Mission

    March 2021 iConquerMS Spotlight

    March 2021 Research Spotlight

    Oscar's Monkey Business





February 2021

    Exploring Some Less Common MS Symptoms

    Does MS Affect Your Taste?

    Could this be caused by MS, too?

    February 2021 Research Spotlight






January 2021

    Is an Ounce of Prevention Worth a Pound of Cure

    Vaccines and MS - The Science Behind the Guidance

    Intention Tremor - A Visit With Author Tamara Sellman

    Research Spotlight - January 2021






December 2020

    A Year Worth Remembering

    A Lot Can Happen in a Year

    An Encouraging Look Back - 2020 Newsletter Highlights

    Research Spotlight - December 2020






November 2020

    Thank you for the Teamwork

    Volunteers don't neccesarily have the time, they just have the heart

    Fundraisers are the Sparks that Ignite Change

    Research Spotlight - November 2020






October 2020

    Harnessing the Power of the Patient Perspective

    Transforming MS Research and Improving MS Care

    Pioneers in Patient-Centered Research

    Research Spotlight - October 2020






September 2020

    The Rising Costs of MS Treatments

    Chronically Ill With a Shocking Bill?

    Financial Help for MS Medications

    Research Spotlight - September 2020 ICYMI






August 2020

    The Senior Moments of MS

    Lifting the Brain Fog That May Accompany MS

    Helpful Therapies for MSers of All Ages

    Research Spotlight - August 2020






July 2020

    Does MS Weaken with Age

    Menopause - More Than Just Hot Flashes

    Is Menopause a Turning Point for Women with MS

    Research Spotlight - July 2020






June 2020

    How to Stay on Top of the Hill with MS

    Aging Gracefully with MS

    Too Old for MS Treatment

    Research Spotlight - June 2020






May 2020

    Living with MS and COVID-19

    Feeling Isolated Because of COVID-19

    Using Data to Combat COVID-19

    Research Spotlight - May 2020






April 2020

    Just How Important is the Patient Perspective?

    Finding the Pathways to a Cure

    Patients are the Experts

    Research Spotlight - April 2020 Updated






March 2020

    Curious About MS and Allergies?

    Food Allergies and Flares - Do They Go Hand in Hand?

    MS Sucks, Singing for a Cure

    Research Spotlight - March 2020 Updated






February 2020

    MS in Children - 5 Things to Know

    Pediatric Versus Adult MS, the Same or Different?

    How is MS Treated in Children

    Research Spotlight - February 2020






January 2020

    The Top Five Ways To Keep Your Body Healthy

    The Best Project You'll Ever Work On is You

    Who Says Being A Quitter Is A Bad Thing

    Research Spotlight - January 2020






December 2019

  Letter from Sara

  A Meeting of the Minds - Strengthening Participant-Driven Research

  Forging Ahead to New Innovations in 2020

  Great things are done by a series of small things brought together

  Research Spotlight - December 2019





November 2019

  Rehabilitation Therapy - Better Living With MS

  How Are You Functioning With MS

  Opening Up New Possibilities

  Research Spotlight - November 2019






October 2019

  Understanding Progressive MS

  Progressive MS - Emerging New Treatment Frontiers

  Overcoming the Challenges of Progressive MS

  Research Spotlight - October 2019






September 2019

  Newly Diagnosed with MS

  What are the symptoms of MS and how is it diagnosed

  When do MS symptoms start

  How is MS treated

  Research Spotlight - September 2019





August 2019

  MS Diets - Is there enough evidence to recommend any of them?

  Dietary Supplements in MS - Do They Help?

  Regenerative Therapies for MS - How Close Are We?

  Research Spotlight - August 2019






July 2019

  Comorbidity - Living with MS and...

  Managing MS and Other Health Concerns

  Are Comorbidities Hindering MS Clinical Research?

  Repository Spotlight - Dr. Farren Briggs, Case Western Reserve University

  iConquerMS Spotlight -  Healthy Mind Healthy You





June 2019

  Keep Moving with MS

  Improve Your Thinking While Living With MS

  Telemedicine - Revolutionizing MS Healthcare

  Repository Spotlight - DxTerity, Managing MS Through Genomic Monitoring

  iConquerMS Spotlight -  Dr. Mitch Wallin, Washington, D.C. VA Medical Center





May 2019

  Parenting with MS - Should we tell the kids?

  Live, Laugh, and Love with MS

  Friendships and MS - Standing the Test of Time

  Repository Spotlight - Genetic Relationships in MS

  iConquerMS Spotlight -  A Network That Includes Everyone Living with MS





April 2019

  Shedding Light on the Dark Days of MS

  Mindfulness - Put Your Mind over MS

  PCORI - Enabling Patient - Centered MS Research

  Repository Spotlight - The Power of Data

  iConquerMS Spotlight - Expanding the MS Research Toolbox





March 2019

  MS and Your Mind

  Understanding and Living with MS Fatigue

  The Elusive Forty Winks

  A Highlights from ACTRIMS 2019

  Repository Spotlight- the Neuroimmunological Disorders Gene-Environment Epidemiology (NDGE) Laboratory at Case Western Reserve University

 iConquerMS Spotlight-REAL MS




February 2019

  MS Diets - Is there enough evidence to recommend any of them?

  Dietary Supplements in MS - Do They Help?

  Healing Meals Community Project - "Our Work is Heart Centered, Love Guided"

  Unwell Adventures - "The Power of Social Media for Good"

  Repository Spotlight- Dr. Robert Clark, University of Connecticut School of Medicine

  iConquerMS Spotlight- Wellness and diet strategies used by REAL MS participants




January 2019

  Unlocking the Mystery of Remyelination

  Regenerative Therapies for MS - How Close Are We?

  The Towering Legacy of Ben Barres (9/13/54 - 12/27/17)

  Repository Spotlight- Dr. Terrence Fisher, Vaccinex Inc.

  iConquerMS Spotlight- Enhancement of Remyelination by Exercise





December 2018

  Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

  A Look Back - Newsletter Highlights

  A Look Ahead- Transformational Collaboration

  Repository Spotlight- 2018 in review

  iConquerMS Spotlight- 2018 in review





November 2018

  Caregiver burden - What counts in how you carry it

  Will Researchers Listen to Caregivers?

  Joining Forces in the Fight for a Cure

  Repository Spotlight- A whole-genome sequence study identifies genetic risk factors for Neuromyelitis Optica

  iConquerMS Spotlight- Last call for REAL MS surveys!





October 2018

  Working Together Toward Common Goals

  How Well Does Your Healthcare Team Communicate?

  iConquerMS: Making Transformational Collaborations Possible

  Repository Spotlight- Dr. Manu Rangachari, Laval University

  iConquerMS Spotlight- Step for MS





September 2018

  MS Risk- Can it be influenced?

  Cannabis and MS - the "High"-lights

  Meet Our Mighty Team

  Repository Spotlight- Dr. Bob Axtell, Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation

  iConquerMS Spotlight- REAL MS





July 2018

  Stem Cells - The Future of Medicine?

  Richard Cohen - Keeper of My Own Flame

  RealTalkMS - News, Views, Interviews and Breakthroughs

  Hypertension in those with MS

  Accelerating the Cure





June 2018

  Does Testosterone Protect Against MS?

  Multiple Sclerosis and Becoming a Dad

  What is it like being a man with MS?

  Innovative Research- Dr. Farren Briggs

  Fundraising for a Cure

  iConquerMS Spotlight- Italian MS Society

  Repository Spotlight- Biogen/UT Southwestern



May 2018

  MS and the Menstrual Cycle – Does one affect the other?

  Pregnancy – A Maternity Leave from MS Symptoms?

  Work and Family – Covering All the Bases

  Partner Spotlight- Multiple Sclerosis Association of America

  iConquerMS Spotlight- REAL MS

  Repository Spotlight- Dr. Tom Aune, Vanderbilt University




April 2018

  Stem Cells – The Future of Medicine?

  Richard Cohen – Keeper of My Own Flame

  David Bexfield – “There is most definitely hope, never forget that”

  Novel Movement Rehabilitation and MS

  Repository Spotlight- Dr. Farren Briggs, Case Western University

  iConquerMS Spotlight- REAL MS




March 2018

  RealTalkMS – “News, Views, Interviews and Breakthroughs”

  Why we still need to talk about smoking in MS

  The Patient Experience Makes a Big Difference

  First Progressive MS Day

  Karen’s Silver Lining

  Repository Spotlight- Regeneron Genetics Center

  iConquerMS Spotlight- ACTRIMS Forum 2018



February 2018

  Diversity is Lacking in Clinical Trials- and it's a Problem

  ACTRIMS 2018- Immune Response, Remyelination, and Repair

  Care Partnerships- Living with MS as a Team

  A Helping Hand, or a Helping Paw?

  Repository Spotlight- Dr. Herve Perron, GeNeuro

  iConquerMS Spotlight- Dr. Deborah Miller




January 2018

  Driving MS Reserach Forward with BC Platforms

  Repository Spotlight- Dr. Doug Feinstein

  Collaboration in Research - Dr. Mireia Guerau

  Changing the Course of Neuroscience

  Modifiable Dietary Factors and MS

  A Conversation with the Wheelchair Kamikaze




December 2017

2017 Newsletter Highlights


Multiple Sclerosis - 'Tis the season for food, family, friends, and frankincense


Volunteers Make a Difference


iConquerMS Leadership Summit


November 2017

Funding ACP's mission


Comorbidites and MS Disease Activity


Protecting Your Rights in Clincical Research


Having Fun While Fundraising


October 2017

Clinical Research- A Deeper Look


The Continued Pursuit of Biomarkers in MS


New Technology in MS Diagnostics


Partner Spotlight- Smart Patients


September 2017

The Accelerated Cure Project- Progress Toward a Cure


The Microbiome and MS


Clinical Research- A Journey Toward Diversity


Partner Spotlight- CISCRP


August 2017

Alternative Medicine – Is it right for you?


Physical fitness and Multiple Sclerosis: To exercise or not to exercise?


Can Do MS – committed to thriving with MS


A visit with Freda Spector Warrington



July 2017

Why Brain Donation?


Changes in Longevity in Persons with MS


Partner Spotlight -- MS Focus





June 2017

iConquerMSTM -- Research Driven by You!


The Cost and Burden of MS in Europe 2015: A Patient-Reported Outcomes Approach


Make an Impact and Accelerate MS Research


Partner Spotlight -- MS Views and News



May 2017

Highlights from the 2017 AAN Annual Meeting


When do MS symptoms start?


Raising Awareness and Funds for ACP


MS Minority Research



April 2017

GeNeuro: Pioneering a Promising New Tack in MS Research


Vitamin D – food for body and mind?







March 2017



Power MS Research With Your Participation


MS Researchers Identify New Biological Mechanisms Regarding IL7R Expression





February 2017


 ACP Resources Help Scientists Gain New Insights Into MS Progression








January 2017

Fix My Myelin










June 2016 Newsletter


iConquerMS™: Blazing the Trail for Patient Engagement in MS Research


Pledge Your Support for a Family’s Walk in the Woods for MS





May 2016 Newsletter


Whatever Happened to that Blood I Donated . . . or How the ACP Repository Was Built


Accelerating MS Research by Sharing Samples and Data from ACP’s Repository






April 2016 Newsletter

New Zealand Company, Innate Immunotherapeutics, Explores Treatment for Progressive MS


Featured Podcast: Australian Medical Student, Nathaniel Lizak Investigates Disease Progression


Impact the World of MS Research; Make a Gift to ACP




December 2015 Newsletter


A Look Back: ACP’s Accomplishments in 2015


A Look Forward: What to Expect from ACP in 2016




October 2015 Newsletter


Gatherings Around the Country Generate Patient-Centric MS Research Topics


Genentech Joins Funders of OPT-UP Clinical Study




September 2015 Newsletter


The History of MS Research Points the Way to the Future


The Next Frontier: Optimizing Treatment-Understanding How MS Progresses




July 2015 Newsletter


Visualizing the Future of MS Research: ACP’s Repository Holds the Map


Healthcare and Life Sciences in the Year 2020: Mechanisms for Patient Empowerment





June 2015 Newsletter


Blood Samples Illuminate a Window into the Brain


Patient Power to Conquer MS


MSDF Turns Knowledge into Power



Fall 2014 Newsletter

2014 Summer Update

May 2014 Newsletter

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