Establish a collection site

If you work for a clinic that sees patients with one or more of the demyelinating diseases covered by our repository, we invite you to read further about participating in this project. Sites are added to the study based on demand and budget.

We evaluate potential collection sites based on their interest in performing the study as described in the study protocol document, ability to meet the collection requirements as described in the site qualification checklist, geographic location, the population of patients served, and the availability of site staff to conduct the study.

If a potential site meets the above requirements, we work together to negotiate a letter of agreement and site budget.

If a site is selected, the staff there will customize the study protocol, informed consent form, and any materials given to the site for submission to its Institutional Review Board (IRB). Please note that the ACP study documents have been approved by a central IRB if the site has the option of using one in lieu of a local IRB. Each site must submit the materials to its own IRB for approval.

Once a budget is agreed upon and IRB approval has been received, ACP will work with each site to negotiate a contract. After the contract is signed, the principal investigator and study staff receive training on the protocol and the electronic data capture system. This training is provided by Document Solutions Group, Inc. (DSG).

The staff who will be collecting samples are additionally trained on laboratory and shipping procedures. Learn more about how our samples are processed, collected, and stored, and read additional details on how the repository works and other frequently asked questions.

At this point the site can begin enrolling study participants. Enrolling sites are monitored weekly by Theorem Clinical Research.

If you are interested in participating in the ACP Repository as a collection site or are a staff member at a currently participating site and you have a question or concern about the study, please contact the repository director at Accelerated Cure Project.

Repository Director: Sara Loud
Repository Director Phone: 781-487-0032
Repository Director E-mail: