Other Initiatives

ACP has a number of early-stage projects designed to help accelerate research toward understanding the causes and mechanisms of MS and related disorders. Please let us know if you would like to help develop and/or support these new initiatives.

Integrated Data Repository

In anticipation of receiving more and even larger data sets over the next few years, we have been working with our Technical Advisory Board to devise additional ways to help make data coming from different studies more easily accessible, standardized, and understandable to researchers who might use this information for additional analysis and hypothesis generation.

This year, our goal is to develop an integrated data repository that will leverage the power of “big data” to help us gain even more insights into the causes and mechanisms of MS.

ACP Clinical Effectiveness Study Network

The ACP Clinical Effectiveness Study Network (CESN) is an initiative spearheaded by ACP site investigators who want to collaborate on projects that could lead to a better understanding of and treatments for MS. This group is currently working to define projects that address compelling questions in MS and that would benefit from a multi-center collaborative effort.


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