Newsletters - 2018

November 2018

  Caregiver burden - What counts in how you carry it

  Will Researchers Listen to Caregivers?

  Joining Forces in the Fight for a Cure

  Repository Spotlight- A whole-genome sequence study identifies genetic risk factors for Neuromyelitis Optica

  iConquerMS Spotlight- Last call for REAL MS surveys!





October 2018

  Working Together Toward Common Goals

  How Well Does Your Healthcare Team Communicate?

  iConquerMS: Making Transformational Collaborations Possible

  Repository Spotlight- Dr. Manu Rangachari, Laval University

  iConquerMS Spotlight- Step for MS






September 2018

  MS Risk- Can it be influenced?

  Cannabis and MS - the "High"-lights

  Meet Our Mighty Team

  Repository Spotlight- Dr. Bob Axtell, Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation

  iConquerMS Spotlight- REAL MS






July 2018

  Stem Cells - The Future of Medicine?

  Richard Cohen - Keeper of My Own Flame

  RealTalkMS - News, Views, Interviews and Breakthroughs

  Hypertension in those with MS

  Accelerating the Cure





June 2018

  Does Testosterone Protect Against MS?

  Multiple Sclerosis and Becoming a Dad

  What is it like being a man with MS?

  Innovative Research- Dr. Farren Briggs

  Fundraising for a Cure

  iConquerMS Spotlight- Italian MS Society

  Repository Spotlight- Biogen/UT Southwestern




May 2018

  MS and the Menstrual Cycle – Does one affect the other?

  Pregnancy – A Maternity Leave from MS Symptoms?

  Work and Family – Covering All the Bases

  Partner Spotlight- Multiple Sclerosis Association of America

  iConquerMS Spotlight- REAL MS

  Repository Spotlight- Dr. Tom Aune, Vanderbilt University




April 2018

  Stem Cells – The Future of Medicine?

  Richard Cohen – Keeper of My Own Flame

  David Bexfield – “There is most definitely hope, never forget that”

  Novel Movement Rehabilitation and MS

  Repository Spotlight- Dr. Farren Briggs, Case Western University

  iConquerMS Spotlight- REAL MS




March 2018

  RealTalkMS – “News, Views, Interviews and Breakthroughs”

  Why we still need to talk about smoking in MS

  The Patient Experience Makes a Big Difference

  First Progressive MS Day

  Karen’s Silver Lining

  Repository Spotlight- Regeneron Genetics Center

  iConquerMS Spotlight- ACTRIMS Forum 2018




February 2018

  Diversity is Lacking in Clinical Trials- and it's a Problem

  ACTRIMS 2018- Immune Response, Remyelination, and Repair

  Care Partnerships- Living with MS as a Team

  A Helping Hand, or a Helping Paw?

  Repository Spotlight- Dr. Herve Perron, GeNeuro

  iConquerMS Spotlight- Dr. Deborah Miller





January 2018

  Driving MS Reserach Forward with BC Platforms

  Repository Spotlight- Dr. Doug Feinstein

  Collaboration in Research - Dr. Mireia Guerau

  Changing the Course of Neuroscience

  Modifiable Dietary Factors and MS

  A Conversation with the Wheelchair Kamikaze





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