MS Coalition


ACP is a member of the MS Coalition, which was founded in 2005 by a group of independent MS organizations wishing to work together to benefit people with MS. It currently includes eight independent member organizations, all of whom provide critical MS programs and services.

MS Coalition Mission: The Multiple Sclerosis Coalition's mission is to increase opportunities for cooperation and provide greater opportunity to leverage the effective use of resources for the benefit of the MS community.

MS Coaltion Vision: To improve the quality of life for those affected by MS through a collaborative network of independent MS organizations.

The MS Coalition published a paper in July 2014 summarizing current evidence about disease modification in MS and providing support for broad access to FDA-approved MS disease-modifying therapies for people with MS in the United States.

The MS Coalition also participates in the Multiple Sclerosis Emerging Therapies Collaborative, which provides timely information about the risks and benefits of new FDA-approved medications for MS to clinicians and people with MS.

To learn more about the MS Coalition visit their website here.