Mission Milestones and Accomplishments

2001 -ACP founded

-Cure Map initiated

-Scientific Advisory Board formed
2002 - MSNews portal launched (now part of MS Discovery Forum)
2004 - ACP Repository pilot study launched with two sites (University of Massachusetts Medical School and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center)
2005 - First set of repository samples and data distributed for scientific use to Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation

- First set of ACP Repository-generated experimental results received

- Meeting held at American Academy of Neurology conference to discuss needs for MS sample banking

- Partnership formed with the Transverse Myelitis Association
2006 - ACP Repository main study launched

- Workshop on Infections in MS held in coordination with the HHV-6 Foundation

- Phase 1 of Cure Map completed (analysis of proposed disease causes)
2007 - Phase 2 of Cure Map completed (analysis of MS research)
2008 - 1000th ACP Repository study participant enrolled

- Scientific summit on Genes & Environment in MS held at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
2009 - Technical Advisory Board created

- Partnership formed with Guthy-Jackson Charitable Foundation

- Collaboration formed with Fast Forward

- Symposium held on Vitamin D in MS
2010 - 10th Repository site opened (Stanford University School of Medicine)

- Symposium held on Using Systems Biology and Informatics to Understand MS
2011 - 50th research study supported by ACP Repository samples and data launched

- Creation of the MS Discovery Forum started

- ACP received the Global Leadership in Innovation and Collaboration Award from Suffolk University’s Center for Innovation and Change Leadership
2012 - MS Discovery Forum launched

- Clinical Effectiveness Study Network established
2013     -ACP becomes founding member of Orion Bionetworks Alliance for MS disease modeling


History and Milestones