Health Care Professionals Toolkit

Thank you for your interest in helping your patients learn about opportunities to volunteer for multiple sclerosis (MS) research! This toolkit is designed to help you learn more about current MS research opportunities, talk to your MS patients about them, and offer insights into the perceptions and concerns patients from different ethnic and racial backgrounds may have when it comes to research.

Racial and ethnic minorities are underrepresented in MS research, resulting in a lack of evidence about their disease characteristics and optimal treatment. As a clinician, you can play a vital role in correcting this imbalance by bringing up research participation with your minority patients and pointing them to available opportunities.

In this toolkit, you’ll find tools and discussion guides, evidence-based research on patient perceptions, resources for identifying current opportunities, and educational materials to download for your patients.

If you’d like to help share this toolkit within your network and community, we’ve provided newsletter text and social media messages for you to adapt and use. There are also drop-in PowerPoint slides for sharing information with your colleagues at meetings and grand rounds.

We’d like to know whether this toolkit is helpful! Once you’ve reviewed the toolkit and/or used the information and tools that it contains, please fill out our feedback survey here. You can also share your comments directly with us