Governance of iConquerMS

The iConquerMS™ patient-centered governance structure includes a Governing Board and three committees. The majority of the board and committee members are individuals living with MS.iConquerMS™ committees oversee and advise the Project Team’s activities on research, communications, and membership. These committees were formed to ensure that people living with MS are central to the initiative. Learn more about each committee and its members below.iConquerMS Governing Board- The Governing Board guides the overall policies and direction of iConquerMS™. The board also oversees iConquerMS™ committees, financial matters, and PCORnet activities.

  • Lisa Emrich*
  • Fiona Hoey*
  • Ann Marie Johnson*
  • Linda Kanner*
  • Revere Kinkel
  • Laura Kolaczkowski* (Co-PI)
  • Joe Laferrera*
  • Sara Loud (CEO of ACP)
  • Robert McBurney (Co-PI)
  • Peter Riskind, M.D.,PhD
  • Heather Siefers*(Chair)
  • Bari Talente

iConquerMS Research Committee- The Research Committee reviews all the questions and research topics submitted by iConquerMS™ members, and develops study plans for the top priority research areas. It is also responsible for oversight and advice on the data acquisition and storage system of iConquerMS™.This committee is also responsible for advice concerning how iConquerMS™ members receive summaries of their data, as well as insights about how their information compares to other people living with MS. In addition, this committee oversees updates provided to iConquerMS™ members about the research that is conducted with all the pooled data. The Research Committee members include:

  • Farren Briggs, PhD, ScM
  • Joanne Dickson-Smith*
  • Shawn Feliciano* (Co-Chair)
  • Sarah Minden, MD
  • Seth Morgan*
  • Louise Palmer
  • Jeanine M. Palumbo, PMP, CPIM, CSCP
  • Phil Posner*
  • Hollie Schmidt (Co-Chair)
  • Kara Skorupa
  • Amanda Windhof*

Adjunct Members: Farren Briggs, Tim Coetzee (NMSS)iConquerMS Engagement Committee- The Engagement Committee will support the Project Team and provide advice and recommendations for policies, processes and activities to the Governing Board related to the following tasks of defining the network population goal, raising awareness of the iConquerMS portal, develope strategies to engage people with MS who are not active online, and many other activities.

  • Matt Allen G*
  • Dave Bexfield*
  • Natalie Blake
  • Nicholas LaRocca, PhD
  • Marie LeGrand
  • Sara Loud (Co-Chair)
  • Lindsey Santiago*
  • Marc Stecker*
  • Tracy Todd*
  • Anita Williams* (Co-Chair)
  • Teresa Wright-Johnson*

* Person with MS