The Foundation for our Programs: The Cure Map

ACP’s initial scientific project was the development of the Cure Map, a comprehensive analysis of proposed causes of MS and the knowledge generated by the many scientists who have investigated these causes in MS.
This important effort gave us much needed insight into the complexity of MS and laid the groundwork for future progress on research strategies and resources specifically tailored to address the challenges posed by this type of disorder. The approach to building the Cure Map included the following:

  • Phase 1: Clearly articulating what is known about the root causes of MS and organizing that knowledge in a logical way that is easily understood. This gave us an understanding of the potential fruitful areas of study.
  • Phase 2: Reviewing current and past MS research to overlay results on what we determined in Phase 1. This helped us to organize the vast amount of information on MS so we could better identify how different areas of research might relate within the context of a bigger framework.
History and Milestones