Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers make a huge difference in ACP’s success and thousands of hours are donated each year to support ACP events and activities like the opportunities outlined below. Take a look and see if any of these activities may be of interest to you, and feel free to contact Melissa Mullen at 781-487-0008 or mmullen@acceleratedcure.org or Lindsey Miller at 781-487-0013 or lmiller@acceleratedcure.org directly for more information.

Work in the ACP offices as an intern or volunteer

ACP can always use an extra set of hands around the office to help with large mailings, event preparation, our scientific programs, and other administrative tasks. Please contact us to learn more.

Assist with data entry into the ACP Repository

The ACP Repository is always looking for responsible, detail-oriented volunteers that would be able to assist the Repository and Operations Director with data entry. This is a great opportunity for people who are able to come into our offices in Waltham and work closely with our staff.

Contribute to the Multiple Sclerosis Discovery Forum

If you have a scientific background and/or are conducting research, numerous opportunities exist to help us build bridges among MS researchers and catalyze progress toward novel and fruitful insights. Please join the MS Discovery Forum, help to spread the word to your colleagues to join, or contact the forum’s Executive Editor to work with us on other ways of leveraging this amazing online resource.

Host a fundraiser

Do you have an idea for your own event? Hosting a fundraising event is a great way to reach out to your community, raise funds to support ACP, and have a blast while doing it. Here are some event ideas you might want to consider:

  • Art shows
  • Concerts
  • Dances
  • Dinners
  • Golf tournaments
  • Private dinner parties
  • Theater performance
  • Your own creative idea

Join an event committee or staff an event

Accelerated Cure Project has multiple events every year that are led by ACP staff with the help of a volunteer committee. Events like the Boston Scavenger Hunt and our fall Recognition Dinner help us to raise funds and awareness for our organization and we can always use volunteer help with publicity, planning, and staffing during the event itself.
See the full list of our events.

Join the Young Professionals Accelerating the Cure (YPAC)

YPAC is a Boston-based event-planning offshoot of ACP that helps to raise funds and educate others about MS. They spearhead events like the yearly Scavenger Hunt and are always looking for new members to get involved. If you’re in the Boston area consider joining this group.

Start a letter writing campaign

A letter writing campaign is a quick and easy way for you to fundraise on behalf of ACP. We provide you with a letter template and mailing list spreadsheet. All you need to do is personalize the letter and fill in the spreadsheet with your family, friends and supporters. We take care of preparing the mailing and all postage costs! This is a great way to allow your network the opportunity to support an organization you are involved in.

Apply for the Mary J. Szczepanski "Never Give Up" MS Scholarship

If you are a high school or college student who has worked to raise funds for Multiple Sclerosis, you may be eligible to apply for a scholarship from the Mary J. Szczepanski "Never Give Up" MS Scholarship Foundation. Since 1997, this non-profit organization has been providing scholarships to students who have used their creativity and determination to raise funds for MS. The Foundation has partnered with ACP in its efforts to raise funds and awareness to find a cure for this deadly disease. For information on their national program, please visit their website MS Scholarship or contact Rick Szczepanski, director at 616-791-2069.