Scott Spielman

Scott Spielman

Location: Nationwide

Project: Rally North America

Project details: Scott is a rally organizer for Rally North America, a nonprofit organization aimed at bringing automotive enthusiasts from all over the United States and Canada together for the purpose of auto rallying for a common cause. Established in 2009, RNA believes in doing something good by combining the love of the automotive lifestyle and a worthy charity organization.

RNA chose the Accelerated Cure Project as its 2012 Rally Dixie and Rocky Mountain Rally charity partner. Each ride is held over three days and includes hundreds of miles of driving across scenic roads in a large automotive scavenger hunt. To date, more than $50,000 has been raised by the 2012 Rally North America participants.

What drives him to support ACP?
“This year was my turn to decide who Rally North America’s benefactor was going to be, and it was a no-brainer of a decision. My co-rally organizer Tony’s wife was recently diagnosed with MS, so we were searching for charities associated with MS.

Typically we always go with charities that use 100% of the funds we raise for the cause. We had a very short list and when I contacted ACP, the rest was history. In our three years of operations really no one helped us help themselves like ACP. ACP was always quick to respond and willing and able to help us in any way we needed. ACP also showed us that they were dedicated to us, by participating in our events and giving the participants a true understanding of what ACP is and how they are helping cure MS. 

MS is very close to home for us. There were a number of participants that were affected by MS either firsthand or had relatives or friends who have been diagnosed with MS. It’s a disease that affects people in all walks of life, and it seriously affects the quality of life and can shorten the life span drastically.

Rally North America is here not just to have a bunch of gear heads driving pointlessly across the country; we are here to help, and raise the awareness of specific charity organizations, and our mission is to raise the maximum amount of funds for our benefactors. 

When looking for a reason to help humanity, ACP and finding a cure for this disease and any disease in general should be reason enough. The biggest reasons that people need to support ACP is one, they use their funds wisely, and two, they are fighting diligently to find a CURE, not a band-aid treatment plan.”