Kevin Hoffman & Emily O’Connor

Kevin Hoffman & Emily O’Connor

We first started volunteering at ACP in September of 2013 at the Fenway All Star event.  We were both looking for an opportunity to get involved in community service.  We discovered this ACP volunteer opportunity online and it sounded like the perfect occasion to start getting involved.

What keeps you involved with ACP? We continue to volunteer for ACP because of the people.  Both the employees and participants at the ACP events have been so warm and welcoming to us.  Each event we’ve participated in has been more and more rewarding, as we not only take on more responsibilities as volunteers, but also form more connections and memories with the people behind ACP. 

Why do you believe in ACP’s mission? ACP’s mission and the people connected to the organization are a reminder of the importance of resilience, community and perseverance in facing adversity.  This is a powerful message that definitely resonates with us.

What is your favorite volunteer event? Our favorite event thus far has been theShoeball, not only because of the fun atmosphere and fabulous footwear, but also because we were able to take on more responsibilities throughout the night.

Do you see staying involved with ACP in the future? Yes, definitely!

What do you wish others knew about ACP? We wish others knew the variety of fun events that ACP hosts and how easy and rewarding it is to get involved and become a volunteer.

What do you do when you aren't volunteering? We enjoy running, yoga, cooking and spending time with our dog, Maddie, as well as family and friends.

Where did you two meet? We met at a coffee shop in Kevin’s hometown.  Emily was a barista and Kevin was her favorite customer!

What might someone be surprised to know about you? We grew up less than a mile apart in bordering towns and attended the same college in Ireland for a study abroad program, but we didn’t meet until years later.  We are excited to return to Ireland for our first time together during our upcoming honeymoon! We are getting married on Memorial Day weekend.