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Tony Intrieri

Tony Intrieri

Location: Nationwide

Project: Rally North America

Project details: Tony is a rally organizer for Rally North America, a nonprofit organization aimed at bringing automotive enthusiasts from all over the United States and Canada together for the purpose of auto rallying for a common cause. Established in 2009, RNA believes in doing something good by combining the love of the automotive lifestyle and a worthy charity organization.

RNA chose the Accelerated Cure Project as its 2012 Rally Dixie and Rocky Mountain Rally charity partner. Each ride is held over three days and includes hundreds of miles of driving across scenic roads in a large automotive scavenger hunt. To date, more than $50,000 has been raised by the 2012 Rally North America participants.

What drives him to support ACP?
“My wife of 23 years was diagnosed with MS in April of 2011 and as with most people that get involved with charities, being affected personally is quite a motivator. MS and other diseases of the central nervous system affect many people in the prime of their lives, and we wanted to get involved with a charity that was working towards finding a cure for MS as opposed to supporting the folks that have it.

After looking through the Charity Navigator (an independent charity evaluator) it seemed like ACP was a good fit in regards to their mission, and the charity had very high ratings across the board. ACP has taken a logical path towards finding a cure MS and needs to be supported in order to pursue that course.”