Other Ways to Help

Other Ways to Help

The mission of the Accelerated Cure Project is to accelerate advancements toward finding a cure for multiple sclerosis. There are a number of ways you can help us reach this goal, including making direct donations and volunteering your time and services. Other activities are outlined below.

No matter how you choose to give, you will be playing an integral role in the race to find a cure for MS, and we greatly appreciate your support.

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Matching Gift Programs

Many companies have "Matching Gift Programs" for charitable contributions made by their employees. This means that for every dollar an employee gives to an approved charitable organization, their employer will contribute some additional amount.

Please ask your human resources department whether your company offers a program like this. If so, let us know and we'll help you fill out the necessary paperwork to multiply your contribution by taking advantage of this generous benefit.

Giving While You Sell on eBay

It’s time to clean out your closets, basements and attics! Through eBay’s Giving Works program, you can sell virtually anything on eBay, and a percentage of your choosing will go to Accelerated Cure Project—up to 100%. Visit eBay Giving Works for more information.

Giving While You Search on the Internet

How many times a day do you search the Internet? How about in a week? A month? A year? Did you know every time you search the Web, Accelerated Cure Project could earn money? iGive.com and GoodSearch.com are search engines that donate a portion of their revenue to charities designated by its users. Go to igive.com or goodsearch.com to download the toolbar and select Accelerated Cure Project as the charity you want to support.

Making a Recurring Gift

Recurring gifts provide ACP with a reliable source of income for our programs, without the use of outreach or other fundraising activities—meaning a greater percentage of every dollar you give will go directly to supporting our many initiatives designed to accelerate advancements towards finding a cure.

With recurring gifts, you choose the frequency of donation—monthly, quarterly or yearly. The funds will automatically be donated on these designated dates, making giving to ACP as easy as paying a household bill. You can cancel any time by calling or emailing ACP.

Click here to make a recurring gift to ACP. Or please contact ACP at 781-487-0008 or info@acceleratedcure.org for more information.

Wedding and Special Occasion Favors

Make your wedding or next special occasion even more meaningful by turning it into a way to accelerate curing MS. Consider making a donation to the Accelerated Cure Project in lieu of traditional party favors, or asking guests to make a donation instead of bringing a gift. Please contact ACP at 781-487-0008 or info@acceleratedcure.org for more information.