Where Your Money Goes

Where Your Money Goes

Researchers face a number of daunting challenges that can impede progress into understanding the causes and mechanisms of multiple sclerosis and other related disorders. Your donations allow ACP to focus on addressing these challenges and helping researchers find a cure for these often debilitating diseases.

Here are a few of the programs your charitable contribution could help to support.

The ACP Repository

Providing researchers with high-quality biospecimens

The ACP Repository continues to be one of our chief scientific endeavors. This valuable resource—which consists of blood samples and data from people with MS, people with related diseases, and controls—accelerates research by:

  • Providing scientists with an open-access supply of high-quality samples and data that they can use in their studies
  • Creating a repository of experimental results that can be further analyzed to reveal new truths about MS

Since the ACP Repository was started in 2006, leading MS clinics across the U.S. have enrolled thousands of study participants, we’ve provided biosamples and data for many research studies worldwide and millions of individual results from studies with our biosamples have been returned to the Repository Database. Review the Repository’s current status. Research with our biosamples has already generated one blood test that may help determine whether a person has MS.

  • A gift of $1,500 funds the enrollment of 1 study participant at a collection site
  • A gift of $5,000 funds the enrollment of approximately 3 study participants at a collection site
  • A gift of $10,000 funds the enrollment of approximately 7 study participants at a collection site

Learn more about the ACP Repository

The MS Discovery Forum

Catalyzing a new approach to MS

In April 2012, ACP—along with our partners—launched the Multiple Sclerosis Discovery Forum (MSDF), a new interactive virtual community and information portal that connects and educates researchers and clinicians who study MS and other demyelinating disorders of the central nervous system.

This free online resource provides a neutral venue where members of the MS research community can:

  • Learn about cutting-edge findings through original scientific reviews
  • Participate in peer-hosted discussion forums and webinars
  • Access professional and research resources
  • Share and receive feedback from other researchers
  • Collaborate with researchers from other organizations

Learn more about the MS Discovery Forum

ACP Clinical Effectiveness Study Network

Collaborating to accelerate a cure

The ACP Clinical Effectiveness Study Network (CESN) is an initiative spearheaded by ACP site investigators who want to collaborate on projects that could lead to a better understanding of and treatments for MS. This group is currently working to define projects that address compelling questions in MS and that would benefit from a multi-center collaborative effort.

The Integrated Data Repository

Harnessing the power of "big data"

In anticipation of receiving more and even larger data sets over the next few years, we have been working with our Technical Advisory Board to devise additional ways to help make data coming from different studies more easily accessible, standardized, and understandable to researchers looking to use this information for additional analysis and hypothesis generation. In 2012, our goal is to develop an integrated data repository that will leverage the power of “big data” to help us gain even more insights into the causes and mechanisms of MS.