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Current Status

Current Status

We work with our network of leading neurologic clinics to identify eligible study participants. As of July 2012, we have enrolled more than 3,200 study participants—with over 400 of those participants donating samples on two or more occasions (longitudinal samples).  To date, we've received 50 data sets from 36 different investigator studies.  This represents a total of 1.08x1012 data points. These data sets contain the results of genetic/genomic analyses (including GWAS and gene sequencing studies), gene expression studies, proteomic screens, infectious agent detection studies and more.

Overview of cases by disease, treatment status, and time since diagnosis (cumulative) 
June 2013

Tx+ On Treatment
Tx- Off Treatment
Tx Naive Never On Treatment
Pending Data Still Pending

RRMS: Relapsing Remitting MS
SPMS: Secondary Progressive MS
PPMS: Primary Progressive MS
CIS: Clinically Isolated Syndrome
TM: Transverse Myelitis
NMO: Neuromyelitis Optica
ON: Optic Neuritis
ADEM: Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis