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For Researchers

For Researchers

The ACP Repository is a collection of samples and data from people with MS, CIS, or related demyelinating diseases (TM, ADEM, NMO, ON), their affected and unaffected relatives, and unrelated unaffected controls. The Repository is a shared, open-access resource available to the research community investigating the causes of these diseases.

The Repository was created to accelerate research into the causes, mechanisms, sub-types, and biomarkers of MS and related demyelinating diseases. The research proposed by researchers requesting samples and/or data must conform to the informed consent

What types of samples are collected?

Each participant in the Repository contributes blood samples, from which we extract DNA, serum, plasma, and PBMCs. We also collect and store PAXgene tubes for supplying RNA. At this time, we are not collecting CSF or other types of fluids or tissues. If you need access to samples or study participants that we currently can't provide, please contact our VP of Scientific Operations. We may be able to obtain what you need through a prospective collection, or help you find an alternative source.

What data are available?

All participants contribute demographic and medical information, and the results of diagnostic and monitoring tests for case study participants are documented by the enrolling neurologists. Please note: Not all neurologists perform the same types of tests, so not all of the clinical information is available on each of our case study participants. To see what types of data are collected for each study participant, please download our Case Report Form.

Data available for a study participant also includes experimental results contributed by any scientist who previously analyzed that study participant's sample. Data sets returned to date contain genotypes, cytokine measurements, gene expression levels, and other measurements. Please contact our VP of Scientific Operations for more information about the availability of experimental results.

In addition to providing data to scientists receiving Repository samples, we also welcome data-only requests by investigators interested in exploring questions that may be answered through analysis of our existing data.

How much do samples and data cost?

We have established a cost recovery schedule in order to support the availability and growth of the Repository. Read our Sample and Data Pricing Policy. All shipping costs are paid by sample recipients.

What are the data-sharing requirements?

One key feature of the ACP Repository is that scientists accessing our samples must commit to sharing any experimental results and data with ACP so other users have the opportunity to further explore or build upon those results, formulate new hypotheses, etc.

Recipients must agree to provide the per-sample data resulting from use of samples back to us for inclusion in the database. This data then becomes available for others receiving the samples and data from the Repository. We allow a grace period for publication and the registration of intellectual property rights.

Who should be contacted for questions?

Please contact our Repository Director with questions related to sample availability or data transfer.

Sara Loud, Repository Director
Phone: 781-487-0032

Please contact our VP of Scientific Operations with questions related to new requests or the review process.

Hollie Schmidt, VP of Scientific Operations
Phone: 781-487-0099